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Sunday, September 10, 2017

New Challenge: Box Sherman Tank!

So, we did this for my son's birthday.

Apparently, if one has a box fort, one requires a vehicle as well. My son cheerfully informed me that I should now attempt to create a tank. Not just any tank, but a Sherman tank. And it has to be able to move, and have a working cannon. In case you didn't know off the top of your head, this is what a Sherman looks like.

So, I needed a framework to start with, because I lack the skills to start from scratch. I used our wagon. Pic courtesy of Amazon, because I didn't think to take one pre-project.

Here's the result.


So yeah, it's not even close. But he likes it, so we're good. I used a wide, flat box to create the body, cutting out a hole for the turret and taping additional boxes to enclose the sides.The turret is a laundry basket cut in half and connected with cardboard panels. The materials were all purchased at a dollar store, and were:

  • Several rolls of duct tape
  • Two rectangular plastic table covers
  • Round laundry basket
  • A can of Pringles (became the cannon)

That's it. The tank is fully mobile, though it requires someone to push it. Access is through the side, which opens, and the top hatch also opens.

And the final requirement, a working cannon. It requires manual firing with a Nerf gun, but it works.

Next project, after some discussion, is a box fort jail cell. This could get interesting.

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