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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Not Just Another Cheesy Gift: Well, Maybe a Little.

Okay, so, we love cheese in my house. While we have a wide range of appreciation for the cheese itself, our tools for cutting the cheese (Snicker...sorry.) were less upscale. But guess what? There's this.

The cutting board, that's mine, and not included. But the beauty on top is the Laminas 5-Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knives set, which includes a parmesan knife, spreader, fork, chisel and narrow plane. And yes, you need them to cut cheese. It makes it so much easier for all kinds of cheeses, from soft to hard. (Snicker. Sorry again.) You know how you never realize how much you needed something until you get it? That's the deal with cheese knives.

Pictured: a firm cheddar and a softer colby jack, both neatly cut. And as you see, the tools are attractive enough to leave out for active use, and have well-made, sharp blades. They're nice and sturdy...the handles have a nice weight to them, and feel great in the hand. These would make an excellent housewarming gift, especially paired with a nice bottle of wine.

I received a product for review purposes. My opinions and immature sense of humor are my own.

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