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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Catit Bench Scratcher: A Cardboard Kitty Couch!

So I got the opportunity to test out the Catit Bench Scratcher though It's a corrugated cardboard bench style cat scratcher device, and includes catnip to convince kitty to give it a whirl. Did my cat go for it? Well, yes.

He started out using it as a perch, but then discovered how much fun it was to dig in his claws and go at it. You will get bits of cardboard falling off in the process, but it holds up surprisingly well, and Dagger here really can scratch. Since the introduction of his new "throne", there has been no scratching elsewhere, which is a huge relief. Nice, eh? Oh, and he finds it a comfy bed, too.

So it may be cardboard, but it is still mighty. Interested? You can find it HERE.

I received a product for review purposes. My opinions and silly cat are my own.

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