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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Applesauce: Don't Have It? Make It!

I love using unsweetened applesauce in baking, but I never seem to have it on hand. You can get shelf-stable cups, sure, or freeze it, but I usually forget and end up tossing it. So one day, when I realized I had everything for a recipe EXCEPT applesauce, I thought, why not take to the Internet and see just how hard it is to make? After all, I always have apples on hand, because it's the end of the world around here if I don't.

It turns out, it's pretty simple. Peel, chop and core apples, add water, cook until soft, then run through a food processor or mash. Voila.


I saw a lot of opinions and proportions, but for super basic, simple, unsweetened applesauce, I went with this:

1 pound apples

1/4 cup water

That's it! Just cover and simmer until the apples soften and there's little water left. You do want to keep an eye on it, and add water or remove the cover to keep it on target. What's cool is that it's also a good way to use up those "questionable" apples that kids find terrifying, with bruises, holes or splits. It froze fabulously, too, with no change in flavor, and any apples work well.

So if you want really fresh applesauce, go for it. It's for real, no sweat.

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