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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Evolution Fresh Inspired by Dannon Yogurt: A True Yogurt Twist!

It's just yogurt....nothing to get excited about. Right?



Thanks to BzzAgent, I was treated to a whole new yogurt experience: Evolution Fresh, Inspired by Dannon. 

What's so awesome? Well, I'll tell you. When they say fresh, they mean a small ingredients list with no added flavors, artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. And with this fruit on the bottom Greek yogurt, you can SEE the fruit on the bottom without even opening it. Like so.

Lovely, no? Guess tastes even better than it looks. Super creamy Greek yogurt combines with a truly fresh fruit flavor, in Blueberry, Black Cherry, Pineapple Passion Fruit and Raspberry Blackberry. Take a look at the yum.

My personal fave was the Pineapple Passion Fruit...I've never had anything like it before. Tangy, sweet, and so good. 

Interested? You can find them at your local Kroger Co. store. So join in the Evolution Fresh!

I received free product for testing and review purposes. My opinions and pineapple fixation are my own.

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