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Friday, August 7, 2015

House of Tsang Sauces: Out of the Wok, Onto the Grill!

I love House of Tsang sauces. I didn't think a bottle sauce could have true, authentic flavor, but I haven't tried one yet that I didn't love, and I've been a fan for a very long time. And this was before House Party hooked me up with their latest opportunity, the House of Tsang Summer Grilling Party!

We're a serious grilling family, and combined with my love for these sauces, I was most excited. First, I made my sauce selections, based on my planned menu of chicken and pork chops with sides: Korean Teriyaki, Thai Basil, Bangkok Peanut Sauce, and Korean BBQ Sauce.

I used the Korean BBQ Sauce for my chicken thighs, and the Thai Basil for the pork chops. Check it.

The Korean Teriyaki went into a side dish, Noodle Salad, recipe provided by House of Tsang. Loaded with fresh veggies, it was a hit with everyone.You cook and drain 9 ounces of pasta, rinse and drain again. Mix together 1/4 cup of the Korean Teriyaki sauce with 2 tsp sesame seed oil and toss into the pasta and refrigerate. When you're ready to serve, add 1 fresh carrot, julienned, and 1 cup thin-sliced cucumbers.

I also created a coleslaw type side, using the Bangkok Peanut Sauce. Spicy, yet refreshing, using broccoli slaw as a base. I just tossed the slaw mix with the sauce, easy peasy.

Altogether, we had classic barbecue flavor with an awesome Asian twist, which was a wonderful change to our normal routine.

So, yes, I can't say enough good things about House of Tsang sauces, and now I have a whole new perspective on what I can use them for. If you're looking for yet more delish recipes, check out their site.

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I received products from House Party for sharing and review purposes. My opinions and fangirl behavior are my own.

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