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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lundberg Thin Stackers: A Flavor Platform Extraordinaire!

I admit, I had a rather jaded view of rice cakes. But curiosity is my most dominant trait, so I gladly took the latest opportunity from Moms Meet to try out the latest rice cake innovation, Lundberg Thin Stackers!

Lundberg Thin Stackers are a blend of rice, popcorn, and whole grains like millet, quinoa and flaxseed, pressed into cute little squares. Behold.

These are not your average styrofoam rice cake. They have a nutty, popcorn flavor that even my son enjoyed, dipped in a bit of peanut butter. He even calls them the "popcorn snacks".

This inspired me to come up with more kid-friendly uses for these lovely, crunchy, healthy squares, like the PB&J:

And the pizza (Toast the Stacker a few minutes in a 350 oven, then add sauce and cheese and put back in until melted):

Then I got thinking about desserts, and wondered...Could these be used in place of rice cereal in the treats recipe? There's a cool peanut butter version on the Lundberg website, but I wanted the traditional marshmallow type.  So I started by crushing the 5 Grain Thin Stackers in a bag with a rolling pin. One package actually makes the six cups required for the recipe perfectly.

I then melted the four cups of mini marshmallows and three tablespoons butter as directed, then mixed in the crushed Stackers. This is it in the pan...check out all those healthy grains!

I let them cool a bit, then cut them. And the end result? A healthier cereal treat that my whole family enjoyed.

A side note: Lundberg Thin Stackers are gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO Project Certified,  Kosher, and CCOF Organic. So when I say healthy, I mean it. They have a great flavor that is great alone or topped, and can really ease cravings for carbs. They've found a new home in this household.

I received products for review purposes from Moms Meet. My opinions and marshmallow urges are my own.

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