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Friday, June 19, 2015

The PicJoy App: How To Organize Without Pain. And Giveaway!

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picjoy ROF

Picjoy is an intelligent photo library that automatically organizes all of your precious photos and helps you locate them instantly. Can you imagine having all of your photos organized? That’s what’s so exciting about PicJoy.

◆ RECORD ◆ Record the details and stories behind each of your photos. ◆ ORGANIZE ◆ Watch Picjoy instantly organize your photos for you - no matter where they are stored! ◆ FIND ◆ Search by category or keyword to retrieve any photo you've ever taken right from your mobile phone.

Okay, this is JUST what I needed. I'm on the go a lot, and I love to use my Ipad to post pics, but it's a total disaster on there. I loaded PicJoy, and once it had done its thing, I was able to find my personal pics without having to go through a bazillion memes and backgrounds. I can even use context clues to search, like the weather or events, which really helps after a party or outing. It's especially beautiful that it connects to ICloud, which really expands my picture access and options. I can't wait until I can set up my Dropbox as well. You can even tag your photos, and those tags become searchable as well. This app is a total timesaver, and a lifesaver. Heartily and fully recommended.

PICJOY is available now on iTunes FREE for a limited time!

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