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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gourmet du Village Foods: Take Your Pantry to the Next Level!

Thanks to a party opportunity from Tryazon, I was introduced to a whole new taste experience from a company called Gourmet du Village. And, well, look how pretty.

Gourmet du Village started out in 1982 as a fun hobby for Canadians Mike and Linda Tott, and as you can see, they now have a professional setup. Their aim is to add a unique flavor to basic household staples to create new and entertaining taste sensations, and it's a winner in my book. They have a wide range of treats, everything from dips to candy to cocktails and the tableware and crockery to make the visual experience just as delicious. And yes, they are delicious.

This is their Spinach and Artichoke, Cheddar and Bacon, and Hot Crab Dips. The cute red crocks aren't just for pretty, they're bakers, making prepping and serving a simple situation. They work fabulously, and are very sturdy. Many of the dip flavors offer both a hot and cold recipe version...I opted to make them all hot. They went over very well with my guests...they all thought the flavors were both interesting and satisfying. The Spinach and Artichoke did have a bit of extra garlic flavor for some palates.

I see you wondering about the chips. Those are not your ordinary chips. They're old fashioned kettle-cooked in small batches to ensure the best taste and texture with a touch of Sea Salt added, and made with Russet Potatoes, grown, harvested, cooked and packaged on a family Farm in New Brunswick.

Did I mention that they seriously rock? No? Because they are the bomb. They really do handle even the heavy dips, and are awesome enough to eat the whole bag plain. I plead the fifth on how many of them I did eat. Let's just say I didn't report that to my calorie counting app.

The dips warm up well without losing their flavor, even days later. But enough about how awesome they are as dips. You can use them for cooking, as well. There are recipes available HERE, or you can get creative, like I did.

I browned some chicken breast and removed it from the pan. I then combined 1 1/2 cups chicken broth and Gourmet du Village's Chipotle and Garlic dip mix, then put it back in, along with corn and fresh, finely chopped spinach. I let it simmer for about ten minutes, then combined 1 tbsp cornstarch with 1 tbsp water and stirred it in, letting it simmer for a few more minutes until the sauce had thickened nicely. It is SO good. Fair warning, though, it is VERY spicy. You can adjust the amount of dip mix added if that's a problem.

This is a very fun combination of products, and I recommend both checking out the website and getting some of the products. They are very new and different, and will take your foodie experience to the next level, be it a big dinner party or movie night with the kids. I look forward to my future experiences as well.

I received products from Gourmet du Village via Tryazon for sharing and review purposes. My opinions and potato chip addiction are my own.

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