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Monday, January 5, 2015

Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues and Tissues with Lotion: Everyone Has to Blow...Do It With Style.

Beautifully timed with the weather taking a turn for the worse, Crowdtap chose me as a member of the Kleenex Brand Believers to give my opinion on Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues and Tissues with Lotion. Yeah, tissues can be cool. See?

Let's get to it. What's the deal with Anti-Viral tissues? Well, it's quite simple.

This is a tri-layer tissue, and the middle layer is moisture activated, aka operates on booger power, and kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. Now, catching your sneeze or cough in a tissue is a great way to keep germs to a minimum and a courteous thing to do, but this is like giving that kind move a superpower. Not to mention, they are SO soft and sturdy. In short, keep these things within close reach. I have a box on my desk, and of course, in the car, to catch the runny noses of my tiny plague carriers, namely, my children.

Speaking of the children, one other cool thing about these tissues: Box Tops! I know I save them.

Now, on to the Tissues with Lotion. There are other lotion tissues available, so how do these qualify as cool? I'm glad you asked.

Honestly, I love the box design. I know that means bupkiss to your nose, but since I like to have tissues out and available all over the place, if I can find cute box designs that I like, it does sway my choice.

As far as what my nose knows, they are FABULOUS. TMI, but I go through a lot of tissues. If I don't have a cold, I have allergies. If I don't have allergies, my toddler has decorated the kitchen with pepper again. Yes, that has happened more than once. Don't get me started on what she did with the tumeric. Anyway...

This means I sneeze. And blow my nose. And cough. A LOT. I'm also a multiple sneezer. And I HATE when a tissue gives up the ghost and I get gross stuff elsewhere. Kleenex Tissues with Lotion not only can hold up to a sneeze fit, but it feels so sleek and soft that I want to rub it on my cheek. Before using it, of course. And the lotion does the job of avoiding irritation around my nose, but doesn't leave a residue if I use it for something else. It's very well balanced.

Both types of tissues have their own roles, and I think they'll be keeping their spots in the future.

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Kleenex Brand® rewards program, and Kleenex® Brand sent me this product to review. My opinions and sinus issues are my own.

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