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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rhodes Christmas Baking Party: Not Your Average Dinner Rolls. #tryazon

I was given the opportunity to host a Rhodes Christmas Baking Party through Tryazon, featuring Rhodes Bake N Serv frozen dough products. Rhodes has a wide range of products, from dinner rolls to cinnamon rolls to bread dough. However, despite my checking several stores in my area, I was only able to locate this:

Create a whole party menu from these? Challenge accepted. Thanks to my Rhodes Home Baked Family Favorites with Frozen Dough cookbook, it's not only possible, but fabulous.

For instance, there's Baked Hot Dogs on a Stick. Cut the dogs in half, put on a skewer, wrap in dough, and bake. So good.

I got creative with a recipe for Pizza Cups, and turned them into bite-sized taco snacks using a mini-cupcake pan instead of a full-sized muffin pan.

Next, Mini Monkey Bread. I think these would be a great make-ahead item for breakfast or brunch as well. They take a bit more prep, but it's worth it.

Finally, the star of the show, a Christmas tree made of Glazed Lemon Rolls. These taste DIVINE, and just use a few simple ingredients.

I really did make all of these items using just the Rhodes Dinner Roll Dough as a base. This is great on many levels, because it makes it so easy to whip up tasty treats on the fly, just by keeping a bag of the dough in your freezer. It thaws fast and is good to go, and the recipes are quick-fix and SO delicious. There are great recipes on the Rhodes website, if you want to join my baking fun, as well as this cookbook, available for purchase. I personally am going to try a few more, just to see how versatile it can be.

I received products from Tryazon for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own.

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