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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops: The Candy That Kicks Fatigue's Butt. #swissherbs #sponsored

Because I'm a Chr├╝terchrafter on Crowdtap, I got to try out Ricola's latest herb drop...and this one gives great rush. For real.

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It's still a cool cough drop, like you'd expect from Ricola. But it not only eases coughs, it gives you a hand when your cold gets you dragging. It even makes you feel perky when you're not sick at all. They have B vitamins mixed in with those herbs, and ginseng. Two drops provide 20% of the Adult Daily Value of B6 and B12. My experience? I did feel more alert and awake after only two drops.

The best part? It tastes like a fizzy lemon drop. They are seriously good.  Since you can have 2-10 drops per day, you can really get your lemon party on. And as you can see, they're very much easier than toting an energy drink around. They've found a new home in my purse, anyway. And my glove box, and my desk...

I received products from Crowdtap for testing and review purposes. My opinions and addiction to lemony things are my own.

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