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Monday, August 25, 2014

Sharing Turkey Hill Ice Cream...and Giveaway! (CLOSED) #TRKAmbassador

I love getting to share good things with others, and Turkey Hill was cool enough to give me exactly that as a task: An outdoor event to share the goodness that is Turkey Hill All Natural Recipe Ice Cream.

I chose a fun assortment of flavors:

My first roadblock: Ice cream melts. This may seem obvious, but it's a big concern when setting up an outdoor event. Luckily, I have a large chest freezer in my garage.

Next issue: How to get several flavors of ice cream into a format that makes it easy to hand out to an interested crowd. So I came up with this:

Using a small scoop, I made up sample-sized cups ahead of time. To keep them from melting as I filled them, I put the pans in the freezer beforehand so they'd be nice and cold. I then labeled them, going by the order they were listed on my "menu". Then they could stay in the freezer, and I could fill orders without any going to waste.

Graphic courtesy of

It actually didn't take that long to prep, and they stayed very fresh. I think this would be a great idea for a kid's party, or any get-together where you wanted easy delivery or portion control.

I set up in my driveway, so as to be close to the frozen goodies. My tree became my signboard:

Yep, I upcycled the lids from my ice cream to make a garland. Just needed a hole punch and a long piece of ribbon. You do need to wash them really good first, though.

Since the ice cream was being kept safe in the freezer, I just needed a small table to hold the fabulous door prizes provided by Turkey Hill.

We set up a bubble machine, and set out sidewalk chalk to keep kids entertained while the parents filled out the tickets for door prizes and enjoyed their own samples. I upcycled another empty ice cream container to hold the tickets.

There were also several free ice cream coupons included, which I gave out randomly, like to my first customers, these two adorable little girls (posted with parental permission):

A good time was had by all. People loved the extra goodies: coupons and magnets.

Even my little helpers had a great time!

But those of you who couldn't make it down, don't despair. I kept five free item coupons just for my readers and followers, and you can enter below to win. Five winners will each get one coupon to experience the sweet joy that is Turkey Hill All-Natural Recipe for free! Only five days to enter, so go go go!

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I received products from Turkey Hill for sharing and review purposes. My opinions are my own. 


  1. Awesome! We LOVE Turkey Hill! The Turkey Hill Experience is a ton of fun too!

  2. Freezing little cups in advance is so smart! I never would have thought of that but totally will be doing it for parties! I love Turkey Hill ice cream, it is definitely a favorite here!