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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Coppertone CLEARLYSheer Sunscreens: Light, Strong, and You Don't Smell Like Coconuts!

Thanks to BzzAgent, I was given the opportunity to try out the new line of Coppertone sunscreens, just in time for summer!

So what's so exciting about yet another sunscreen? Well, I'll tell you...LOTS.

First off, what's in the name? CLEARLYSheer means what it says. The formulas feel light and soft, not heavy or greasy. They're specifically designed not to clog pores or cause breakouts, yet you still get a nice moisturization. There's two formulas: For Sunny Days and For Beach and Pool.

Next, the scent. It has a fresh scent. The For Sunny Days (Lighter formula for everyday, SPF30) has a light, lemony scent. The For Beach and Pool (Water resistant up to 80 minutes) has a light floral scent. Not coconut or pina colada or pineapple or any other overpowering poolside sweetness. It works wonderfully with any other scents, making it much more appropriate for everyday use. In other words, no more excuses...protect your skin!

But does it protect?
I can answer that. Yes indeedy!

We went visiting for a week this summer, and this was the only sunscreen I brought. Now, I'm lucky enough to tan easily and not burn often, but the kids got my husband's genetics. He can get a sunburn if a lightbulb is too high a wattage. Okay, not REALLY, but you get the idea. Sun protection is not only standard in my household, it's imperative.

We went to the beach. We played in the backyard. We swam in the pool. We even had a picnic. Coppertone CLEARLYSheer SPF30 lotion on the kids, the SPF50 spray on the husband. The results?

Two happy, smiling kids WITHOUT sunburns. These pics were taken just a few hours ago, after being both at the beach and in the backyard pool in the same day. The husband is also sunburn-free, but declined to appear, for aesthetic reasons. They were using the For Sunny Days formula, and it still took care of business. When they flopped into bed after a long day of fun, they didn't feel sticky or itchy. It was a nice change.

I tend to rely on my regular base makeup with SPF to protect my face from sun as well, but I kept seeing warnings that they just don't do enough. Read here. The For Sunny Days formula is light enough to put on my face without causing problems, even under my foundation. No shine, no sticky, no mess. It makes it so much easier to make true sun protection a part of my daily routine. Even after several uses, I didn't break out at all!

The versatility and the quality of protection make this a winner in my book. I will be using this again, and recommend it completely.

I received this product from BzzAgent for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own.

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