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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N' Full Shakes - Easy Way to Shake Off a Few Pounds!

One of the coolest things about the Influenster Go VoxBox - and the staple of an energetic lifestyle - is the Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N' Full Protein Shakes.

I received the Fresh Berries, Swiss Chocolate, and French Vanilla flavor to try. They all shook up easily in the provided shaker bottle, and had a very smooth and creamy texture. They did take a bit of shaking, but who doesn't need a little extra cardio?

First, the Fresh Berries flavor.

This was my favorite of the three flavors. The berry taste was very true to a fresh strawberry, and it really worked well to counteract the usual yeasty protein shake taste. Very nice.

Next, Swiss Chocolate

This flavor, I got a little creative with. I mixed in unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of water, and added a shot of espresso. Voila, my coffeehouse treat. The chocolate flavor is excellent, but I did notice a bit of bitterness at the finish that I didn't have with the Berry flavor.

Finally, French Vanilla.

To be honest, this was my least favorite. I would have preferred a stronger vanilla flavor, as I could really taste the protein powder in it. It's was pretty bitter, and had a slightly harsh scent. A bit of vanilla almond milk fixed it up nicely, though, so my recommendation is to mix it with a milk product instead of water if you have a vanilla yen.

All three did a great job as a meal replacement. I drank them on a totally empty stomach, and it filled me up right away. The full feeling stays for about three hours, but if you have a healthy snack before it totally wears off, it can be stretched for a couple more hours. It was a complete meal replacement...I wasn't hungry at all. And at around 140 calories and 5 grams of fat (dry mix), that's a great kickstart for any diet. 

The single serving packs make it uber portable and easy to keep stashed for when you're running late, which is handy for staying on track. I may just have to stock up and see if I can get back into my size six clothes again.

I was given this product by Influenster for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own.

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