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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Putting My Best PROFOOT Forward! #GoPROFOOT

My Go VoxBox from Influenster contained many treasures, but the PROFOOT items made my feet SO very happy.

First up, the Triad Orthotic. I'll spare you the sight of my manky old sneakers, but I can say for real, these insoles seriously work. The first thing I noticed was the impact was lessened noticeably. My knees weren't aching, and the pain in my heels that was pretty much chronic was gone.

The next thing I noticed was that I seemed to walk straighter. I had apparently been favoring my heels, walking to keep the weight off them, without even knowing it. Not anymore.

In general, these effects made it easier to keep walking and left me with minimal aftereffects, especially less pain. It was surprising to me, because they weren't a full insole. But whatever they did, it works.

I also got the Pedi-Rock. Do not be fooled by the's actually quite soft. In texture, not in lack of functionality. It works fabulously. Warning...while I spared you the manky sneakers, I will show you my manky feet.

Beware: my feet after a workout. Nasty, crusty heels, etc.

So I grabbed the Pedi-Rock and gave my feet a few good swipes. On big difference I noticed right away: because the Pedi-Rock is softer, I didn't get that dry , put my teeth on edge, icky feeling I get from most items of this type. It works great for exfoliating, though.

Still a bit dry, but the heel and toe calluses are gone. This is just a couple of minutes, remember. A little lotion and I'll be ready for flip-flops. Easy peasy. You can also use this item wet, by the way.

With these two products, I have seriously happy feet, and fewer reasons to skip my workout. PROFOOT has a new fan.

I received these products from Influenster for testing and review purposes. My opinions and scary-looking feet are my own.

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