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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Müller Yogurt...Tasty and Innovative! #MullerQuaker

I love yogurt in any form, but what really makes my experience memorable is extra bells and whistles as well as great taste. Müller Yogurt has both.

I got to pick a flavor free thanks to Influenster, and difficult though it was, I settled on the Greek Corner with Caramelized Almonds.

It is SO good. The almonds are the perfect combination of sweet nuttiness, and the yogurt itself is top-notch: Creamy, smooth, just sweet enough, not sour. It's a perfect healthy breakfast. Check it out:

I love how the nuts are on the same level as the yogurt, giving you the option to dip if you're not the dumping type. I totally dumped mine, though.

In the end, I had too many temptations, and returned for another flavor that had caught my eye: another Corner, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry.

I mentioned dumping, right? The packaging is designed to let you do that without spatters from lids or other messes. Check it.

You just fold over the corner, and it pours right into the yogurt part. Neat and sweet.

But how was it? Well, if the Caramelized Almonds Corner is a good breakfast, this here is the dessert. So creamy and sweet, with tiny flecks of chocolate giving texture and flavor, and the tangy raspberry topping blends perfectly.

Conclusion? I think Müller Yogurt is a standout, and I must go try more flavors as soon as possible. You should, too. You won't regret it.

I was given this product by Influenster for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I've been meaning to try Muller's yogurt now I've got to have it. Lol the Dark Chocolate & Raspberry…yum!