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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces: Totally Your Momma's Boogie Wipes

I was chosen by the awesome folks at P&G to try out their newest thing, Puffs Fresh Faces.

I've used and LOVED Boogie Wipes, as I have two young ones, aged 1 and 4. This is the version for the Mommies, who also want that fresh feeling and gentle cleansing. Through an agreement with Little Busy Bodies Inc., the group of moms who developed the saline based goodness that keeps my babies' faces clean, Puffs Fresh Faces was born.

Yes, a group of moms leading the way. Isn't that fabulous? But I'm getting off topic. If you want to read more, check out this article.

On topic again...So what are Puffs Fresh Faces for?

If you're not familiar with Boogie Wipes, they're a saline based wipe that comes in yummy scents that are PERFECT for "saving the sleeve". Not only do they easily remove the crustiest of boogies, they're gentle and soothing, and help keep away sore, red nose issues. I love the Great Grape scent smells so good, I can get a good wipe in before they realize what it is. (.: They're also available in Fresh, Menthol (to help with stuffy noses), and Unscented.

That's what Puffs Fresh Faces are, only I feel they're more for pampering than keeping your clothes free of crusties. Along with the saline, they're infused with aloe and Vitamin E, and they smell FANTABULOUS.

The Fresh scent is a light floral, with a slight fruity note. It really perked me up.

The Light Lavender is lovely. It has a scent like natural lavender, and is subtle and fresh. This one was my evening treat.

Finally, my savior from my seasonal allergies: The Vicks Scent. It's strong enough to open your stuffy nose up, but not harsh or irritating. It worked fabulously on my congestion, and helped me feel comforted, besides.

I used them for many things: cleansing, soothing my irritated nose, and just freshening up. They worked well for removing makeup. The best was using the Fresh scent during the day. It was wonderful for a quick cleanup after a workout, and made my errands much more comfortable, despite the heat and humidity of a Virginia summer. Something about that scent just made me feel more alert.

The wipes are a nice size. The thickness is good, too...not so flimsy they fall apart, not so heavy that they tug.

 The packaging is a nice size to carry with you , and fun, too. You peel back the label and there's a pop top, like on baby wipes. It keeps them nice and neat and moist, ready for the next use. I like the design of the packaging...the colors really match the scents.

All in all, I think it's a new and interesting product, and I'm curious to see if there's any more scents planned. So now in addition to my usual stash of Boogie Wipes, Mommy is going to have her Puffs Fresh Faces to keep her feeling fabulous. Thank you, P&G and Little Busy Bodies Inc.!

Time for a Light Lavender relaxation moment...

I received products in exchange for my review. My opinions are my own, and are truthfully stated.

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