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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vox to the Naturals Box: EBOOST, the Not-So Energetic Energy Drink.

More Influenster Noms to try for free, this time EBOOST Natural Energy Daily Health Booster. Yes, this!

I will say it is probably the best tasting energy type drink I've tried. It's like a fizzy (and it fizzes like you wouldn't believe) orange drink, like those little Hugs drinks.

I did feel an immediate boost in both energy and all around well-being as well. So it was a fantastic experience.


About two hours after, the upped energy started to fade. Within three hours, that aspect was gone. I still had a "healthy" sensation, but my butt was dragging.

So my official opinion is that it's REALLY yummy, works well as an immunity booster, but only good for a short duration as an energy drink.

Go get some for yourself! EBOOST Site.

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