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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bragging Again: Influenster!

You've probably seen my many posts about Influenster, where I reviewed the wicked cool products I got by being a member. But now I get to brag about how where the awesomeness flows: Their new website!

The old site was very simple. Tabs at the top, everything within those tabs. I had basic info, but I didn't really know how you were doing from day to day, if you get my drift. The tabs are still there, but now there is so much more going on.

Now instead of just hoping you get picked for their product trial program (The aforementioned VoxBoxes of Great Joy) you can complete tasks to help your odds.

Too much work? Goodness no! These tasks are very simple, from doing short surveys to answering questions posted by other members. I personally love giving helpful advice, and am more opinionated than you can believe, so it's like second nature.

If you already blog about certain subjects, you're good to go right there. The more social media savvy you are, the better you do.

It's very professionally done. I love the color scheme. If I had any complaints, I would have preferred a "Return to Previous Page" linkup on some pages, especially when I'm working on a task with multiple steps. Also to code the hyperlinks so that they automatically open in a new tab/window. What also might be neat would be to get an email alert when items that are "Under Review" are complete.

I know, I know, I'm the luckiest person alive. But guess what? You can be too!!!

You can sign up to be an Influenster right here. And all this happy can be yours.


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