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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snips, Snails, Cottontails...and MURDER.

Just kidding on the murder. The Cottontails diapers are so far holding their own, and all of my daughter's. She hasn't really unleashed the Kraken yet, though. We all think our kids are just the most charming things ever spawned, but sometimes is irrefutable. Like when my son tells me he "loves me too much". Or when Baby Girl stops midwail when she sees me and grins. The big question, of course, is how much is too much when it comes to sharing. I personally only post when one of the children do something particularly entertaining. But what's the protocol? Is someone out there really interested in every little detail? If they are, should I call the police? Of course, this is the internet, which means someone will get annoyed no matter what you do. I'm curious. Random: if I see that damned Taco Bell Doritos taco commercial one more time, I'm going to snap, and the aftermath will be heinous. Damn, those look good.

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