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Monday, January 11, 2010

Entitlement is A One-Way Street

I would love to find out where you can gain a sense of entitlement. Then I to can ignore everything from laws to basic common courtesy and not feel guilty about it.

For instance...

The sidewalk is a public use area, and people need to be able to walk on it. So stop blocking it with your personal stuff.

There's a leash law and pooper scooper it. Also, you may be able to tune out your barking dog at 2 am, but the rest of us can't.

A turn signal indicates to the driver behind you ahead of time that you plan to make a turn, so it needs to be on ahead of time. You do not drive along merrily, get to the stop, suddenly slam on your brakes, flip on the signal, then turn. Though it seems they're optional in Virginia. I'll probably go on a full rant about most of these subjects in detail later.

You gave birth to your children. You are the one responsible for them. Not store clerks, not waitresses, not flight attendants, not handy adults who are taking their own kids to the park. You want a break, pay for a babysitter. Not everyone has to love your kids.

A flip side to that: some kids do behave and are watched over by their parents. Just because a baby enters a plane or a child a restaurant does not mean your experience will be ruined, so refrain from the put-upon sighs and rude comments. Also if I breastfeed in a booth, you can't see anything anyway, so STFU.

If you're talking loudly into a cell phone in a public area, it is no longer a private call. Move somewhere private or refrain from glaring at people who really don't care about your call and just want their damned latte.

The arrows are painted on the parking lots for a reason. This is especially annoying at an elementary school, where you have the Parent Convoy going around the loop. Everyone else is trying to get out, and one Entitlemoo swings in late and goes in the wrong way, always with the "what's wrong with you all" expression. And heads up...putting your hazards on doesn't change the fact that you're parked when you're there for an hour. The person you blocked in certainly doesn't see the difference, and neither will the tow company they call.

Lose the constipated look. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Remember that.

Self-gratification masquerading as ridiculous involvement in your children's school and activities doesn't count as parenting. So don't break your arm patting yourself on the back for being a fabulous parent when because you're on a bazillion committees, you haven't spent more than twenty minutes a day actually being with your kids, or make snide remarks about people who don't give back to the community. At least I know what my kid looks like.

There...that was fun. Off to other things...

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  1. Our school is now working with the police to stop the double parking and harzard light abusers. Double park, go the wrong way, or use the hazard lights to park, and you'll be given a ticket!
    Gotta love small towns.