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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Customer Service? I Don't Buy It

I worked in retail and I waitressed. I know that in general, customers are a royal pain in the ass. But if they're not, don't act like you're doing them a favor by helping them. Or as I have gotten, act like they're inconveniencing you with their presence.

Yes, you need to get your shelves stocked. Must you block the whole aisle to do it? Do you have to push past me to get back to it? Is it more important than selling the stuff? Though I guess that would save you having to do it again.

I had a fellow in a grocery store tell me my daughter needed to stop touching the doors to the freezer section because he had just cleaned them. Okay...So once they're cleaned, they're not supposed to be touched? Kind of hard to get the food out that way.

I get that servers in a restaurant get busy...but if we're your only table, my glass is dry and I can see you standing at the counter chatting, then that's a horse of a different color.

And this disturbing outsourcing trend. Let's take a company based in America and outsource all customer service to India and hand them a script that helps no one. Add in a few levels of "supervisors", none of whom have the ability to think or the power to correct your issue, and you get a CF beyond all imagining.

But there's also the American customer service...Comcast is a prime example. I plan to post my entire sad tale of the torture I suffered under their evil and incompetent hands, but the short story is their customer service people can't do anything, and you can't ever talk to a supervisor...they're supposed to call you, but they don't. If something breaks, they blame it on you and charge you for service.

I now have Verizon FIOS, and I love it. Mainly because the internet actually works, and when it doesn't, they fix it without trying to blame it on me. Thanks, Ed!

While customer service is a crap job, you all don't have to make it worse for yourself by pissing off the people who aren't morons. Peace out!

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