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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Modern Table Meals: Gourmet in a Bag!

We've all done it...forgot to thaw something for dinner, so you grab a box of something out of the pantry and call it dinner. Well, thanks to Moms Meet, I got to try a grab-and-go meal that actually rivals an upscale dish: Modern Table Meals!

Pretty cool-looking, eh? Well, it's more fabulous than you think. First off, the pasta is bean-based. For real. That means more protein in your pasta. And it's tasty, too. How easy is it to make? Well, it's literally one, two, three.

There's a wide range of different flavors, all very good on their own. There's even a packet of spices included in each, so you can flavor to taste.

But being pasta, they lend themselves to all sorts of mix-ins, such as beef and broccoli with the Teriyaki White Bean and Broccoli Noodles flavor. The spices make it the perfect combination.

The Southwest Red Lentil Rotini was the favorite of my group, and it truly is delish. They're all very tasty, and the noodles aren't odd at all, though you do need to be careful not to overcook them. You want to stick to the package directions completely.

So check out this new foodie innovation. You'll be glad you did.

I received products from Modern Table Meals via Moms Meet for testing and review purposes. My opinions and pasta cooktime paranoia are my own.

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