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Friday, March 20, 2015

Disney Cars, Elsa, and Rainbow Cake: My #DisneySide!

I was one of the lucky ones chosen to put on a DisneySide Home Celebration via BSM Media. My luck was even better than I thought, because my theme was a favorite in my household: Disney Cars! Check out the MORE than generous party pack, which included lovely gifts from All, Snuggle and Wisk!

First, I had to make the fabulous Duff Tie-Dye cake mix provided. It's a little intensive...

But totally worth it. I got a bit creative with my Mickey Mouse pan, creating a grassy area for the Cars figures.

Then it was onward to the rest of the prep. Behold! And yes, those are Disney maps in the background.

A Mickey decorated pizza. I used regular pepperoni for the head and sliced pepperoni sticks for the ears.

 Mini Mickey pizzas (homemade), and mini cupcakes. I didn't have a fancy cutter for the pizzas...I rolled the dough flat and used a large and small biscuit cutter. Overlap, pinch and bake. Bam.

And a veggie "forest":

Minnie was in charge of the party favors.

Mickey had his own job to do.

 We even had Elsa stop by for photo ops!

A good time was had by all, despite limited guests due to the rotten weather. Several took a raincheck, however, so I've got one more event coming up. Can you guess what it is? involves Twinings Tea!

I received products for party prep, sharing and review purposes. My opinions and love for shiny things are my own.

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  1. oh your party was so cute. Ours was not that cute. It kept snowing and snowing and finally one day during a break in snowflakes I decided to have it. So we had like an hour to get it all ready.