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Monday, December 1, 2014

Influenster: A Memoir, Or, For Whom the VoxBox Tolls.

If you actually read my blog, which is much appreciated, by the way, you'll see Influenster crop up often. Not to mention the very obvious badge. But why am I happy to be an Influenster?

Well, first off, they were the reason I started review blogging in the first place. For real. As a member, blog posts were among the options to share, and I thought, I have a blog, why not? Now that's what my blog's all about. So I thank them to giving me that extra push to get started.

I've been a member for two years, and in that time, I've become well acquainted with the coolest thing about being an Influenster...the VoxBoxes! What are they? Well, have a gander.

Those are just a small example of the coolness that has crossed my desk over the two years I've been an Influenster. I love the "surprise package" aspect. They were actually also my first exposure to those kind of box collections, and how easy it is to get addicted to them.

Most of all, I enjoy being an Influenster because I love interacting with the brands, and seeing their appreciation of my posts and pics. It really makes me feel like I am a part of the promotion process, and getting the word out about these awesome products.


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