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Friday, November 21, 2014

Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers: Rock Your Coffee On the Go! #FolgersFans #Sponsored

Crowdtap was cool to me again, and this time my sampling hit on one of the things that make my life very happy.

I love coffee. I mean, I really love coffee. Anyone who knows me for longer than two minutes knows I love coffee, but you have to talk to me a bit longer to realize how MUCH I love coffee. Even my toddler tells me to go get more coffee when I'm grumpy. So anytime I get a chance to try anything that makes coffee even more fabulous, I do a little jig. (Mentally.)

Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers. It even sounds cheerful.

You can get Caramel, Mocha, Hazelnut and Vanilla. It's like those squirty deals that you add to water to make your own flavor level drink, only this is for coffee, hence more fabulous.

Of course, I needed to put it to a proper test, and not just because I wanted to drink a boatload of coffee. Which I totally did.  And what better platform to start with than my favorite Folgers coffee, Black Silk, and a french press?

Don't fret...I did use my smaller cups. See? I'm normally a cream and sugar type, but for testing purposes, I went straight. Even then, it was still VERY good, which makes me wonder if I can save a few calories.

That's the Caramel, and it really has a great candy taste. This was the favorite of my teen. She got decaf, though.

Hazelnut ha a bit of a weird scent in the bottle, but the flavor is great....nutty without being too sweet.

Mocha is REALLY chocolatey. It's more of a creamy than a dark chocolate, which totally worked for me.

Finally, Vanilla. I love vanilla creamer and such, but it never seems vanilla enough. This does the trick nicely, without that overpowering whipped-cream type taste.

I thought all of them were delicious, but my fave is the Caramel. It's VERY smooth. A heads up, though...a little goes a long way. The most I used was two quick squirts, and that was for a full-size iced coffee cup. You do NOT want to overdo, or all that I said about not being overly sweet goes right out the window. And yes, I did exactly that.

The bottle shape is great, as it fits easily into a bag, and the seal is very good...even after my kid stepped on it, it didn't come open, so you can feel safe bringing it along. We've all had that terrible coffee, so think of it as the ultimate coffee experience backup. I'm keeping mine handy!

I received products from Crowdtap for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own.

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