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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Giveaway: Spellbinders Celebra'tions: Creativity Most Crafty. (CLOSED)

Thanks to Purex Insiders, I had myself a rather crafty moment. I got to try out the new Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection by Richard Garay. This is a complete collection of papers, inks, rubber stamps, diecut items, and embellishments, all coordinated to make fabulous results easy and fun.

I love doing paperart takes me back to childhood. So, this is what I got...

Now a disclaimer: I'm a dork. That's relevant because I saw the two packets and thought the kits were contained that way. The items for both were actually mixed in the packets, and I'm a dork because I didn't check the item list before starting the projects. You'll see as we go where I goofed. You'll notice a pair of earrings and a bottle of nail polish. Those didn't come with the kit, but they will also be addressed later.

Let's begin!

I started with the Celebrate Party Hat Card. 

First steps were to stack three square cards. Though the pink side was to go up, the card had a polka-dot side I actually liked.

But I was a good girl and followed the directions.

Next, you fold this yellow piece to make the party hat. The directions showed the texture on the outside, but to me, that looked more like a waffle cone than a party hat, so I turned it inward.

Then you use three pieces to make a cute pink flower.

Now the next step is where I dorked out. I took the string that was in there and instead of making a single bow, I doubled it, because the string was long enough. Little did I know, that was the string for the OTHER project.

But onward. Put it all together, add the little flag and some shinies, and VOILA!

Cute, eh? Even if you've never considered card making before, you should really try it. Here it is next to the kit directions, so you can grade how I did:

Next, I went for the Best Day Ever Treat Bag.

This was a lot simpler, though it did involve some prep. I cut out the purple and green tags and fastened them to the orange one.

Then you get goodies for the bag ready to go. I told you we'd see those earrings and nail polish again.

Tuck it inside the bag, and tie it up. I had a shorter string due to my earlier goof, but it still worked nicely. This attests to how well these items coordinate with each other...even if the directions go astray, it all melds nicely together. I trimmed the top of the bag to look prettier.

Again, here's a pic to compare my results with the kit.

The directions were fairly easy to follow, and I had a lot of fun doing the kits. I think the results were very nice, and I could see myself doing more of them. I love to do things up nice when I entertain, which is fairly often, and these would give me the perfect solutions. I could even get my guests involved...these would be a wonderful Make and Take project for both the skilled and the amateur papercrafter.

But who gets the Best Day Ever Treat Bag? Well, one of my readers do, along with this cool Spellbinders Celebra'tions Stamp Kit. Enter below!

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I received product from Purex Insiders for testing, review and giveaway purposes. My opinions, lack of proper direction-reading skills and paper craft ideas, are my own.

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