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Saturday, May 31, 2014

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamers - Dairy-free, But Still So Sweet!

I love dairy alternatives, and try everything I see that's new. I was recently given the opportunity to share my love with my Mom group, thanks to Moms Meet.

I love my coffee. I really, really do. And now I love it even more.

Put your hands together for So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamers!

When I mentioned to group members what we'd be sampling, one member mentioned that she was leery of buying natural creamers because of the short shelf life...she was afraid it would go to waste. That inspired me to find out: what can you do with creamer if it's about to expire and needs to be used up?

This bounty was the result.

 First, a cream sauce, served over pasta, made with Original flavor. It's a basic cream sauce recipe, with a touch of garlic. Thanks to dairy free butter substitute and the So Delicious, it's ALMOST vegan. If you swapped out the chicken broth I used for a veggie broth, you'd be all set.

 Next, I made pudding pops using a packaged chocolate pudding mix and more Original flavor:

It doesn't set very well as regular pudding, but it's perfect for pudding pops. And since you can never have too much dessert...Cake.

I swapped in Original flavor creamer for the buttermilk in this banana cake recipe from my old school Betty Crocker cookbook, and the frosting is simply French Vanilla flavor, dairy free butter substitute, and powdered sugar.I didn't even need to add vanilla flavoring!

So one concern addressed, the meeting commenced. All the dishes were well received, especially the desserts. I was sneaky and didn't tell them until after they tried it. Of course, we also tried them in their native homeland of coffee as well, and there was much raving, in a good way.

These were the big deal, though. People were the most excited about them. High test, tasty, and fun.

The general opinion was that this product line was a great alternative for both folks with dairy concerns and even those who don't, and you have so many creative options, the shelf life limitations aren't a concern at all. The enjoyment will continue around here with these products.

I was given free product to share from Moms Meet and So Delicious. My opinions are my own.

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