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Friday, March 7, 2014

Marc Jacobs: They Made a Devotee Out of Me.

Because both Crowdtap and Marc Jacobs Fragrances are the epitome of fabulous, I was chosen as a host for the Marc Jacobs Fragrance Devotees hosted party. I seriously squealed like a fangirl when I found out.

I love the Marc Jacobs Fragrance line, because they not only have wonderful scents, but they put such care into the visuals of the bottles as well.

I squealed again when I saw the kit. Incredibly classy, and packed in a pretty, shiny white box.

Something this incredible deserved major effort, and I enjoyed every minute.

The first thing I did was test both fragrances: Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh. While I loved both, I promptly doused myself with Eau So Fresh.  It's just the combination of flowery and fruity I love, with a light sweetness. It's not too musky or strong. It makes me feel happier wearing it..I sniff my wrist and it actually gives me a lift. I find myself sniffing it all day, and it never gets old.

Daisy is a simpler scent, mostly flowery with a very faint hint of something smooth and mellow, and reminds me of sunshine. Seriously...that's where my mind goes when I smell it, sunshine and warmth. It's the kind of perfume you can give yourself a healthy dose of and not be offensive in the lightest.Again, it makes me feel happy when I catch the scent.

Heads up: It smells better on skin than in the air. It's still nice in the air, but once it hits skin, it opens up the subtle bouquet so much better. I would actually love a line of home fragrances like that. Hint, hint...

Included in the kit was materials to make Daisy Chain Bracelets. I have never beaded before, so this was new for me. I love it now, actually. I was given access to a tutorial video, which was most helpful. See it here.

I set up a crafty area on my center island, including a sheet giving directions:

Bracelets did result, 

but we discovered that the clasps were somewhat dysfunctional, or we were. Which it is remains a matter of debate. Being people who make lemonade when handed lemons, or uncooperative clasps, we pondered what ELSE you could make a daisy chain out of, using random items we had in the house. We discovered you could create...

A bookmark:

A drink marker:

A hair accessory:

 And one for the little ones!

After all that creativity, it was time for snacks! Decor courtesy of Marc Jacobs. I made the pink fluffy pompoms myself.

 Yes, I went totally tea party and made cucumber sandwiches.

Super simple and super cute: Mix dill into cream cheese to taste, cut bread and cucumbers with cookie cutter, and assemble. Hint: Dry the cucumber well beforehand, or it gets soggy.

For a touch of color and sweetness, pink daisy cookies!

The response to the perfume testers was a mix. The majority of my guests preferred the original Daisy over the Eau So Fresh, contrary to my opinion. The teens really liked Eau So Fresh, and in fact, my fourteen-year-old keeps stealing the bottle.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the males preferred Eau So Fresh. Take note, ladies.

I did have to wrest the bottles out of a few hands trying to smuggle them into purses, because though the samples were great, "The bottles are just so CUTE!" Several guests were going to add them to wish lists and look on the website. I really think having the bottles there made a big difference over just samples, because the visual impact seemed to intrigue them more than the scent, much as they liked it. People just couldn't leave the bottles alone. They also liked the daisy chain idea...we are considering coming up with something to help spread the word, maybe an ongoing online daisy chain that we pass along.

You can find out more about Marc Jacob Fragrances, these and others, here. 

If you're interested in opportunities like these, check out Crowdtap.

I was given free products by Marc Jacobs Fragrances and Crowdtap in exchange for my presentation and review. My opinions are my own.

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