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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Liquid Ice Energy Drink: Tastes GREAT, Feels Better!

I know that a forty-year-old mom of three is not the stuff that energy drink commercials are made of. I don't skateboard off of Mount Fuji, and if someone asked me to jump out of anything that's in motion, I'd either take their temperature or call their parents. Or both.

That does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that I lead a sedentary life. Besides the mom position, I also hold the role of small business owner, wife, and as you see, blogger. I don't sleep. At all.

Coffee is the love of my life, but sometimes you gotta cheat, because you're just not getting what you need to push through.

Meet my new lover.

First off, it tastes DELICIOUS. None of that nasty-sweet flavor or cloying aftertaste here. It's crisp, fresh, and citrusy, and makes you feel seriously refreshed from the taste alone. Oh, and it's a very pretty shade of blue.

But does it work?

I'm getting to that.


This fabulous brew has been my go-to all-nighter fuel since I tried it. I'm due for a restock, in fact. It kicks low energy's butt as well as any leading brand, and more.

It even comes in sugar-free.

And then there's The Boss.

Image courtesy of

It's as delish as the other flavors, with a fruitier, richer taste, and the same great effects.

So what's so cool about these compared to other brands?

Other than being delicious and pretty, they also contain less caffeine, and rely on B-Vites for kick instead. I personally find that makes for a much longer energy duration, and less plummeting afterwards.

It also makes it a fabulous mixer for alcoholic drinks. Imbibe responsibly, though.

You can currently purchase Liquid Ice Products (and apparel) at their online shop here.You can also find it on Amazon. They are also looking for new distributors, so if you're interested, you can contact them.

Check them out. You won't be disappointed. If nothing else, their website is extremely cool.

While I won free products in their contest,  I was not required to post this review, nor received any compensation in exchange for it. All  listed opinions are true and correct.

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