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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Secret Outlast Clear Gel: Save The Last Deo Dance For Me.

As one of the happy chosen for the Spring Fever Voxbox, I had the honor and privilege of trying Secret Outlast Clear Gel.  It's available in four scents: Completely Clean, Protecting Powder, Sport Fresh, and Unscented.

 I received the Completely Clean scent:


Since we're on the subject of is superbly delicious. I was in love from first sniff. Fresh, delicate, sweet without being perfumey or too flowery.

So what makes Secret Outlast Clear Gel different? Well, the claim is 48 hours of protection, and no nasty white marks on your clothes, thereby avoiding the dreaded "Deo Dance":

I'm in a great position to put it to the's high summer in Virginia. Humidity is a way of life around here, as is damp armpits.

Secret delivered on both counts. I put it on while wearing my shirt, and even with that immediate contact, no white marks at all. The staying power was on target as well...despite some serious heat and sweat generated by walking around a carnival, I still smelled fabulous and felt dry. I wish there was a full body version...

Helpful hint: if you tend to sweat a lot, apply deodorant before you go to bed. It helps. Seriously.

Anyway, back on task: Secret Outlast Clear Gel works. For real. Just like they say it will. I totally recommend's made me more pleasant to be around, for sure. Scentwise, anyway.

I received my deodorant complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my review.

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