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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions - The Saga Continues.

I got to experience a whole new dishwashing eupohoria, thanks to my complimentary product from

The Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap: Three bath store quality scents in very pretty bottles. Scope it:

From left to right: Ginger White Tea, Lime Basil, and Lemon Thyme.

All three smelled fab, but I liked the Lemon Thyme best, so that became my first test subject. I'm a sponge washer, meaning I don't fill up the sink and put the dishes into that...instead, I put the dish soap directly onto the sponge, wash, then turn on the water to rinse. This does require a pretty good dish soap; otherwise, I'm constantly pouring soap on the sponge.

The Palmolive Fresh Infusions held up well. In fact, it worked better than the soap I'm currently using as far as staying power. In fact, the suds lingered even after the washing was done.

The scent, while strong enough to notice, doesn't linger on the dishes or act obtrusive in any way. It's a fantastic grease-cutter, too...I cleaned a fried-chicken pan with it, and there was no greasy residue.

 It looks great, smells better, and works fabulously. So of course I had to share.

I gifted the Ginger and White Tea scent to my friend Lisa. I speak the was my least favorite scent. Not because it smelled bad, but I had trouble with a flowery scented dish soap...I tend toward fruity scents. Of course, she was happy. She had no issues with the scent, and in fact, said it reminded her of her favorite bath products. She also thought it was a great quality dish soap, and was happy that I shared it with her.

I'm a sucker for anything that smells good, so I've added this to my "must have" list.

I was able to find this very easily at my local Walmart. You can order it online from there as well.

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