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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wake Up and Smell The Fair Trade: Green Mountain Coffee

Straight up...anyone who offers me free coffee is guaranteed to become my new best friend. So when this BzzAgent Campaign came across my inbox, I was only too happy to accept.

If you're not familiar with the concept of Fair Trade, essentially, it promotes a higher pay rate to exporters of certain goods to promote sustainability in developing countries. Short version, better pay, better conditions, better way of life.

So that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling already.  The coffee itself turns up the heat.

I personally adore the smell of brewing's comforting for me. The scent of the Green Mountain Coffee was amazing: rich and smooth, with a cleanness to the aroma that I hadn't found before. And the flavor backs it up. I brew strong, and it was still smooth and clean, without the harsh bitterness I get with a lot of coffees. I had it both hot and iced, with and without creamer, and it was great in all incarnations.

The cost is a bit higher than average, but happy karma, god vibes and great coffee is worth the extra cost. It's become my new treat and secret vice. We will be happy together on many future journeys into Fair Trade Heaven.

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