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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Son of Naturals VoxBox: CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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Two things that rock about CleanWell All-Natural Hand SanitizingWipes:

Number one: The scent is awesome. I know I go on and on about scent, but my nose is my master sometimes, and scent can be a dealbreaker with me. The scent is lemony, with a rich undertone. It works well for both adults and kids.

Speaking of kids, that leads me to Rocking Thing Number Two:

You can use them on faces. I have a very gross toddler who thinks walking around with crust on his face is just fine. I beg to differ. Having something that sanitizes instead of just cleans is just what I was looking for.

They have many, many products. I totally want to check out their Orange Vanilla scent. See here: Cleanwell Site

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