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Friday, February 26, 2010

Notice of Noncompliance - Trash Cans Friday, February 26, 2010 8:57 PM

Dear Members of the Architectural, Resale and Covenants Team,

I received a letter stating I was in violation of Trash - Improper Storage on February 19, 2010. Yes, my empty cans were out on that Friday morning...they were in front of my garage, barely visible from the road as the were behind my car. I normally have them back inside my house by 9am Friday morning the latest, after dropping my daughter at the bus stop, but there were school delays due to the inclement weather. I placed them inside my garage around 10:45 am.

I'm assuming the man in the white vehicle who was blocking my driveway was the official who noted that, but failed to note that I put them away as soon as I returned from the stop. It would have saved both of us some time had he bothered to check back. FYI, the next time a strange man in an unmarked vehicle blocks my driveway and stares at my house, I'm calling 911. My daughter was afraid to go outside. Other residents were unnerved as well.

I have never gotten hassled for bringing them in Friday morning before, but in future I will go out and make sure they're in Thursday night after whatever arbitrary time the pickup occurs this week. All my other priorities like taking care of my son, running my online business, making dinner, helping my daughter do her homework and suchlike will now move down my list of priorities, and monitoring the trash cans will be first. I appreciate your setting me straight on this matter.

But since you care about maintaining the integrity of this community, (and its resale value) I suggest you also address the following:

1. Inadequate snow removal that left all public areas (including school bus stops) and some roads impassable and unsafe until residents cleared them themselves. I walked my daughter to the bus stop with my infant son strapped to me and nearly fell several times. I didn't trip over any trash cans, however, so thank you for keeping an eye on that.

2. Residents who violate speed limits, ignore stop signs and utilize Visitor spaces as personal parking spaces.

3. Residents who fail to pick up after their dogs. Animal feces is a health hazard, visible in all public areas and much more of an eyesore than a trash can left out. Children can't even play in public grassy areas for fear of stepping in it, and the school bus was delayed one day because a child had to scrape her shoes.

4. Residents who allow their cats to roam the neighborhood. Another health hazard.

5. Groundspeople hired by yourselves who start their power tools before 8am and leave their bags of clippings on resident's property for disposal on non-trash days. This has happened to me several times, and I've been forced to bring their refuse into my garage to avoid persecution as written above.

I understand you're trying to keep things nice. We mortgaged ourselves to the hilt in a really bad time because this is a very nice place to live, and I understand the frustration with people who are ignoring the rules.

But to send an intimidating letter about a trash can left out ONE TIME to a very busy parent isn't the solution. Basically, you're putting a Band-Aid on a tumor and then congratulating yourself for having cured cancer.

Please accept this as notice of full compliance as pertains to my violation and acknowledge accordingly. Thank you!


Stephanie Kelsey

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  1. Oh my, someone obviously didn't get laid the day they filed that complaint against you...